Who’s Your Daddy?

bdw1 Hot, dusty and explosive! We found ourselves in a scrap metal yard for the latest Big Daddy Weave Music Video, What Life Would Be Like. Yes, that’s right, we have the same last name. Maybe we are long lost brothers!?

Anyway, I really loved the sights and sounds of the scrap metal yard. Cars, trucks and all things metal are crushed, ripped and ultimately spat out the other side. All of which is very cool except when someone forgets to remove a gas tank, it might just go BOOM!


This actually happened a week before the shoot when we were checking out the location. It was so powerful that it shook our vehicle – about a block away! It was good to hear this does not happen often.

So you may be asking why we ended up in such a place. Well, a scrap metal yard could easily symbolize humanities broken state. Beyond that, it was just cool to have such a huge wall of crushed cars.


Besides the scrap metal yard performance, the video is also sprinkled with footage from Big Daddy Weave’s World Vision trip to Ecuador. If you’d like to sponsor a child or read more about it, check out the World Vision website.

World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty.

Big Daddy Weave, What Life Would Be Like
Steven Weaver: Director/DP/Editor

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